The Long Courtship

by Joe Donohue

After 3 years of feeling out the relationship on a per-project contractor basis and plenty of flirting about full-time employment, Mostly Serious is excited to announce we’ve landed a fantastic addition to our development team: Mr. Adam Fox.

Why We Fell So Hard

Adam is a long-time friend of the company, a respected voice in the Springfield development community, and an incredibly strong developer who has built numerous national brands’ websites. He also developed the highly successful website for our very first client, HOLLOWAY AMERICA. Years later, after our on-again, off-again romance that featured all the urgency of a Victorian courtship, Adam has finally embraced a permanent spot with Mostly Serious.


The one downside to bringing Adam on full time is that he refuses to maintain his will-work-for-beer stance to our projects. That’s alright. The countless upsides include the fact that our clients will benefit from Mr. Fox’s vast skill set, unwavering reliability & commitment to deadlines, and familiarity with many powerful dev languages. Plus, we all really like having the guy around.

Skills We Pined After

Like the rest of our development team, which simply kicks ass, Adam boasts a ton of professional experience and has racked up skills that are crucial to leading-edge interactive projects. He can’t shake the urge to continually learn all he can about the latest advancements in development technologies—both software and hardware.

He’s a beast with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and Python, just to name a few languages in Adam’s wheelhouse. He’s equally adept at bringing our responsive designs to life—on any device. In layperson’s terms, that all means we’ve brought on yet another developer who builds engaging websites that offer the fluid animation and interactivity users demand.

We’re an Item

Lest anyone worry our love is unrequited, Adam is pretty smitten too: “Um, nobody is going to buy all the ‘hot pursuit’ stuff in your blog post. Mostly Serious does ridiculously great work that any developer would be lucky to play a part in. I’ve been dying to come on board since the first drunken conversation we had about it. And now that I’m here, I’m already loving working side by side with such talented developers. It’s just fun.”

So that’s that. The Adam / Mostly Serious thing is official. We played it as cool as we could manage, but we’ve clearly wanted our newest developer for years. Today, he’s ours, and we expect a big payoff.

Adam, it’s time to put out—great code.