We’re Hiring a Project Manager

Mostly Serious is looking for a motivated, highly organized project manager.

Job Description

If hired, you’ll work directly with our designers, developers, and writers, ensuring each person meets our strict and ambitious project schedules. You will regularly communicate with our clients, providing the information and management they need to complete their tasks on schedule as well.

You can anticipate working with a talented group of professionals on a wide range of projects: from branding and illustration to websites for mom-and-pop shops to sites for national and global companies to intricate, scalable software systems.

Key Responsibilities

Here’s what you’d be doing most often:

  • Schedule projects—from start to finish, working around each person’s tasks for other projects
  • Communicate with clients—open, consistent client communication is a Mostly Serious staple
  • Communicate with our team—keeping projects on schedule requires near-daily conversations with the individuals involved; while our people enjoy autonomy and the opportunity to manage their own daily tasks, our PMs must remain acutely aware of where each project (down to every task) stands from day to day
  • Crack the whip—our PMs must find the most effective way to get what’s needed from each employee or client; for some it’s a cookie, and for others it’s a blunt conversation
  • Adjust projects on the fly—our PMs lead the way, so you must be ready to adjust projects as circumstances change

Required Experience & Skills

We’ll hire someone who has the following experience:

  • Leading client-based projects
  • Communicating clearly—through well-written, easily understandable email messages as well as detailed, straightforward verbal conversations
  • Participating in client meetings
  • Taking detailed notes during client & internal meetings
  • Resolving issues with frustrated clients—despite open, clear communication, clients can form unrealistic expectations or simply misdirect unrelated frustrations; handling those situations successfully is critical

Ideal Experience

We’d love to learn you’re experienced and comfortable with the following:

  • Speaking up with valuable strategic & creative input
  • Managing interactive projects
  • Managing remote employees
  • Using Basecamp, Teamwork, or similar PM tools
  • Working with well-known brands
  • Working with various contacts & teams for one client
  • Managing projects involving multiple vendors & creative companies

About Mostly Serious

Mostly Serious is a collection of experienced creative and technical professionals. Our company launched in 2010. Through relentless dedication and drive, we’ve doubled our revenue every year since, and things are only looking up from here.

We’re a choosy group, and we’ve spent careers earning that privilege. We don’t settle for average work or accept average clients. Some say that’s elitist, but we don’t mind. Great projects inspire us to do great work. We’re also quite a happy bunch. We work very hard and demand excellence from one another, but we often head for the pub or a good food joint to have some laughs. That helps keep things friendly and fun around the office.


Interested? Send us an email: info@mostlyserious.io.

If we like what we see, we’ll quickly be in contact to schedule a meeting over your preference: coffee, beer, or at our office.

Update (08.25.2014)

We’re happy to say we’ve selected an excellent candidate, and we’ll be introducing our new project manager soon.